MySQL TRC LITE enables users to keep track of new entries to a specified MySQL table.
It works by counting the number of rows in a table and notifying the user when the number of rows is higher than the last time the table was checked.
This makes it easy to keep track of new users, orders, posts, ... Changelog:
- Added visibility toggle for each field
- Small performance improvements

MySQL TRC LITE is available in the webshop for only €4,99.
You can find more details about this application HERE.

[SOFTWARE] SecureStrings


SecureStrings is an application which allows you to encrypt and decrypt strings of text by using a private encryption key, allowing for secure storage of sensitive data in plain view.

The application uses the Rijndael encryption standard with the Cipher Block Chaining mode and a block size of 256 bits.
This mode combines each plain text block with the cipher text of the previous block before it is encrypted, ensuring that identical blocks in the plain text will each encrypt to a different cipher text block.
The initialization vector is combined with the first plain text block before the block is encrypted.
Alteration of a single bit of the cipher text block will result in the corresponding plain text block also being altered.
In addition to that, a bit in the subsequent block, in the same position as the original altered bit, will also be altered.

SecureStrings is available as a free download.

[MUSIC] Best Of SoundCloud 2020 (HipHop - Part 1)


Best Of SoundCloud 2020 is a mix containing some of the best tracks which have been released on SoundCloud in 2020.
In this edition: HipHop

[00:00 - 01:23] KRETEK - whatchugot
[01:23 - 02:38] flux the cynic - play 4 keeps
[02:38 - 04:42] Былые Нравы - Dreams n' Reality
[04:42 - 06:42] Clap Cotton x Loop Schrauber - Midday Stroll
[06:42 - 08:48] RobDaFlava - State of Serenity
[08:48 - 10:16] Dooku - Setting
[10:16 - 12:54] 8cee - Third Eye Vision (Instrumental)
[12:54 - 14:51] [M▲P] - 2
[14:51 - 17:00] Tapehead - Universal Thoughts
[17:00 - 19:27] broken.flavor - verbal
[19:27 - 21:20] Pipa - wacklyrics
[21:20 - 23:20] kap10 - Lunar
[23:20 - 26:17] FUNKI FLAVA - soul brother number one

Lespa · Best Of SoundCloud 2020 (HipHop - Part 1)

[MUSIC] Dusty Pads now available on Spotify


Dusty Pads is now also available on Spotify!

Basic and Exclusive licenses for this track are currently not available.

[MUSIC] Lespa - Napalm


A new song has been added to the list of Hiphop Singles.

This track was inspired by the 90's era of hiphop when raw kicks and hard basses ruled the scene.

Lespa · Napalm

Basic and Exclusive licenses for this track are available.

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