This mod was created for the expansion "The Forgotten" + "The African Kingdoms".
It has been tested and seems to be working in multiplayer.

This mod increases the amount of resources you can gather, as well as giving some extra advantages to the following civilisations;

Resources+ & JA/CE/FR advantages

Stone Mine: 42k
Gold Mine: 42k
Trees: 2k
Bush: 2k
Fruit Bush: 2k
Fish: 2.5k
Great Fish: 5k

-All animals can be hunted for food
-All animals net more food
-Fortified walls and gates have slightly more HP
-Speed of villagers/workers increased from 0.8 to 1
-Male workers can carry 25 resources

Japanese, Celts and French will receive following advantages over other civilisations:
-Starting with 25 villagers
-Population cap increased by 500
-Starting bonus of 5k in all resources

-French don't have the 5k resource starting bonus

If you find any bugs or have feedback/suggestions I'd love to hear about them!

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